IpLocation - to define a place position by IP to the address Ipv4, Ipv6, domain names

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For search, you can use the IP address format Ipv4, Ipv6 and domain names for example: www.google.com

Service Features

We offer position-fixes on IP to the address in the internet, and also other useful services such as exposures of IP of address belonging to VPN of service and black-lists of IP of addresses. you can use services of service quite free of charge, but does not exceed limits in a 15000 connecting. If you need a more limit take advantage of requiring payment services. We try monthly to renew our bases for more exact information. Look the date of update of bases in the document of API. Accessible methods:

  • API geolocation by countries and cities format IPV4, IPV6, domain names
  • API for determining VPN addresses
  • API of hosts and providers
  • API addresses are blacklisted

If you got not correct information on IP to the address including black-lists, please write us about it filling a simple form. We are thankful you for all signals, it will enable us to improve quality of work.

To set to work, you need to be registered and get the key, by the key it is possible to inquire information of our service. Every key is unique and belongs to the concrete user, not pass to the key other persons and not show in public to avoid exceeding of limits on your profile.If your key knew other persons but you want to save akkaunt, you can write us and we with generate you other key, otherwise you can simply delete your akkaunt and registered repeatedly.

On results your connecting we give the detailed statistics with pointing time, ip-address and connecting method. A statistician can look from your personal cabinet and also we do monthly delivery on your E-mail.

If for you am suggestion on the improvement of work of service write that us. We are interested in development and quality of service, all questions and problems will try to process as quick as possible, results will be sent to you on Email. All good jobs :)